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    MOKA, the Hyundai Museum of Children’s Books, is pleased to present Un Sedicesimo on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Corraini Edizioni, an Italian publishing house that has been combining ‘art’ and ‘publishing’ with their experimental projects over decades of history. Un Sedicesimo, which means ‘one sixteenth’ in Italian, is a monthly magazine project by Corraini Edizioni. First started in 2007, the magazine is published as a small booklet of 16 sheets of 17×24 cm paper by folding and cutting the paper (100×70 cm) used by an offset printing press. Printed without wasting a single millimeter of paper, the sextodecimo (one sixteenth) booklet showcases the unique work of multiple artists within the same format.

  • MOKA art collection for kids

    MOKA’s Un-printed Ideas project has presented 41 picture book artists through its three renditions to support the artists. The 12 artists from Un-printed Ideas chose a scene from their work for children. Each scene of the artists’ choice will become the first art collection of children, providing a space for stories, dreams, and relaxation.
    With the exhibition MOKA Art Collection for Kids, children can appreciate artworks and imagine their own stories. In the exhibition, children can combine the artists’ works to create a large sculpture or make an avatar in a virtual space exhibition to enjoy art in new ways.

  • Jeju Island’s Rocks & Fish

    Jeju Island’s Rocks & Fish is a special exhibition to present picture books created by 49 children from Jeju Island. The project was organized in collaboration with ‘World Nature Heritage Villages in Picture Books’ by Friends of Libraries, Jeju with the support of Jeju World Natural Heritage Center.
    Hamdeok Elementary School’s Seonin Branch School, Seongsan Elementary School, and Seonheul Elementary School are located near the Geomun Oreum lava tube system and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which are listed as UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites.

  • Stories Drawn in Thread

    How can we draw pictures with thread and fabric?
    Stories Drawn in Thread is an exhibition of stories made with warm and comfortable thread and fabric. For this exhibition, we have invited artists from Japan in Asia, the Czech Republic in Europe, and Brazil in South America. The artists are also from different eras and

  • Yori Jori MOKA Garden

    Jaime Hayon's Garden is a place where some 40 types of plant and animal sculptures create a wonderful harmony with beautiful sunlight, a light breeze and the sound of water. If you could wave a magic wand and create this space the way you want it, what would it look like? Solve the silhouette riddles, view and appreciate the sculptures of imaginary...


    To commemorate its first anniversary, MOKA Garden, a museum where children can grow their dreams through nature, art and stories, is carrying out the MOKA Palette project of collecting and giving new names to colors from nature. The MOKA Palette exhibition introduces 100 colors and their names collected and reviewed by 48 participating artists...

  • Singing Birds

    There are two artists who painted beautiful birds on canvas. Though the materials, artistic expression techniques, screen composition, and color palettes used are different, the way the two artists expressed the birds flying and singing is the same through vigorous observation and research.

  • MOKA X Jaime Hayon

    From the moment you step inside MOKA Garden, surprising joy and incredible experiences transport you to a world of fantasy. Jaime Hayon's distinctive and whimsical design turns the space into a magical place. In this MOKA X Jaime Hayon exhibition, you will see a unique design process of MOKA Garden in a variety of his works, spanning from the initial...


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