MOKA Triangle

The main work

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The Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books & Art (MOKA) is a place to understand art and develop the imagination through contemporary art exhibitions. The 《MOKA Triangle》 combined the arts of domestic artists into the three categories of collage, ready-made and abstraction. Each category is a new and experimental attempt by artists to express their ideas and intentions from the beginnings of contemporary art. How will contemporary artists shape their ideas and edit and compose the picture to make an artwork?

Adding materials to pictures - Collage
The collage technique of adding materials to a picture has developed in various ways and has divided into diverse techniques, like ‘photomontage’ for cropping and editing photographs, and ‘surrealism collage’: combining accidental images within a picture and creating an imaginary world. You can see how contemporary artists compose and edit a picture to express their ideas and symbols.

Transforming an everyday object into an artwork – Ready-made
This technique was a new attempt to reveal artists’ ideas by transforming objects from everyday lives. Through ‘ready-made’ artworks, you can see how the scope of a work in contemporary art has expanded into ideas beyond the visible results.

A simple drawing of the world – Abstraction
Art before contemporary art used formative elements, such as color, line and shape to realistically portray specific targets like nature, an object, or a person. On the other hand, abstraction uses formative elements as the shape and means to capture the ideas of an artist rather than to reproduce them. You can see how artists use abstraction to express their thoughts and emotions.

Experience a new way to enjoy contemporary art even more by observing, understanding and participating in these three characteristics of contemporary art for meaning, novelty and change, like a triangle that forms a balance.

Visit Information

  • Exhibition Hall 1 and 2
  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Universal
  • KRW 6,000



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