Byeon Yeseul · Yoon Kangmi

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Selected Artists of the 1st 《Un-Printed Ideas》 Publication Support Exhibition

An artist always comes up with an idea and strives to develop this idea into a great work. Byeon Yeseul · Yoon Kangmi’s works, which began from a mere idea, were unveiled to many people at 《Un-printed Ideas》 in 2017.
As a follow-up to the 2017 exhibition, you can meet I by Byeon Yeseul and A Building Where Trees Grow by Yoon Kangmi again, in the form of ‘books’ with support for their publication. The first 《Un-printed Ideas》 exhibition targeted the process of ideas and original paintings
‘developing’ into a dummy book, and we hope the completed books and original paintings of these two artists can meet and communicate with the viewers again through the second 《Un-printed Ideas》 exhibition.

I talks about the growth of a fish and shows how the fish ‘I’ changes as it meets things that look better than itself. Byeon Yeseul used pastels to delicately and exquisitely depict shining jewels or large and colorful creatures inside the water to reveal the fish’s envy and desire to resemble them. Sky blue, purple and black pictures without words and which are appropriate to the situation allow the readers to guess the feelings and emotions of the fish.

A Building Where Trees Grow vividly expresses the process of buildings and cities transforming as they are colored by the girl’s hand. Yoon Kangmi paid attention to the environmental destruction happening in cities. To embody her ideas, she also conducted case studies and research on overseas architecture that harmonizes with nature, as well as on plants that match the structures of buildings. Colorful plants gather to form buildings with special purposes, and these buildings gather to form a blue forest of buildings, overcoming the crisis in gray cities.

변예슬 (Byeon Yeseul) / 윤강미 (Yoon Kangmi)

Visit Information

  • MOKA Lab
  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Universal
  • KRW 6,000

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