The seeds of my heart bloomed into happy flowers and formed a wonderful forest!

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“The seeds of my heart bloomed into happy flowers and formed a wonderful forest!” A 38 weeks’ growing diary of understanding myself, friends and the world.

This exhibition is based on art works of 60 child and youth who visited and have participated programs of the art therapy in the department of mental health of Seoul Child Hospital for 10 months. The programs aimed to enhance self-expression and improve sociality. There are many different kinds of seeds in the heart of children. With good soil, warm sunshine, a bit of fertilizer, some amount of water, and love, the seeds would bloom into healthy and happy flowers and form a strong forest in their hearts.

Through this exhibition, it would be a precious time to heal your inner self while watching the works from the art therapy programs made by pure heart of children. We hope you join us to congratulate and encourage all children to stay healthy and bright.

Theme 1: What kind of seeds is in my hearts?
he pieces in this theme are the works of children expressing their emotions. Think about the emotions of “warm”, “happy”, “love”, and express in the language of pictures, plant positive seeds.

Theme 2: What kind of seeds shall we sow in a friend's mind?
The pieces in this theme represent the process of understanding the emotions of others and communicating with others in positive way by creating artworks. Talk about the words of “Glad to see you”, “I like you”, “Let’s play together”, “We are good friends” with friends, and learn how to communicate with others.

Theme 3: Our happy flower forms a wonderful forest!
The pictures represent another communication with the world. The children expressed the surrounding with positive view, and talked the words of “Ha Ha Ha”, “Beautiful”, “Hope”, reaming” in the language of pictures. They waked up the world filled with flowers.

With extending to myself, friends and the world, this exhibition provides opportunities to understand each other, and allows us to perceive the world in positive way.

Visit Information

  • Exhibition Hall 1
  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Universal
  • Free

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