12 : ☆ – The Hour of Magic

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Overview of Exhibition

'12 : ☆' is a world of pumpkin carriage in Cinderella, platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter, bicycle to the Moon in ET, nutcracker doll and Woody & Buzz. «12 : ☆ – The Hour of Magic» is launched out on its voyage at the odd moment of one can know where we are and when it is now. The exhibition sets magical time of '12 : ☆' to open a world of endless imagination, and shows an unknown world existed in the children’s imagination through the picture books.

Magic (Magic: to make impossible things happen), could be forgotten memory for adults but, for children, would be one of the most exciting topics. Picture book not only reflects the world of reality but also presents essential themes such as 'magic', 'fantasy', 'imagine'. J. R. R. Tolkien, a master of fantasy literature, once mentioned that "fairy-story" be one which touches on or uses Faerie, whatever its own main purpose may be: satire, adventure, morality, fantasy. Faerie itself may perhaps most nearly be translated by Magic. Reading art and literature in picture books and writing his own ideas can cultivate his own imagination and creative thinking. This is a very important part for children who are creating a frame for sense and sensibility for lifetime.

In terms of that story and imagination of artist are presented with pictures and texts, all picture books are unreal. However, for children, picture books are medium to experience unknown world, imagine what will be there and dream about it. Unlike adults, who distinguish between reality and fantasy, children could find the reality even in the fantasy world.

«12 : ☆ – The Hour of Magic» introduces the exhibition through the different themes rather than simply listing the books or artists. The exhibition begins with 'miraculous spells', then presents fantastic stories that magic comes true, and finally snow a bigger world beyond magic.

Section Introduction

The exhibition starts with 'spells'. 'Magic spells' will be the first to come up when we make magic. The first section 'Miraculous Spells', Han Taehee introduces magic spell 'Whiririhoo', that are same when even read backward, in his book <Whiririhoo Whiririhoo>. Kim Youdae shows the minds of children to want to change something with magical spells through mysterious spells and events in the book <Everything, turn upside down three times>.

In the second section 'My Own Power' shows that many wishes and imaginations of children actually come true. Yun Jihoe presents an weak child who hopes to be a superhero in the <How to Become a Superboy>. In <The Great Gas>, Yun Ji shows the story of child who turns his weakness into something great that everyone looks upon. In <Supersized!> and <A Sea of Tears> of Seo Hyun, a hero enormously grows up or fills the world with his tears. in <Moon Night> and <Monsters in My House>, Lee Hyeri represents special power of children, which cannot be visible to adults.

The last section, 'Unknown Mystery World' will show a bigger world beyond the magic of its own realization. In <Gigi Circus> of Eunmi, <While We Were Out>, <Rabbit Redemption> of Lee Hoebeck, in <Dust Hobgoblin>, <JamJam Hobgoblin> of Lee Yeonsil, Kim Hyangsoo, unknown mysterious world is revealed. <The Sun on a Wagon>, <Magical Time of Sun, Stars and Moon> of Kang Haesuk, <Alamsahaba, the Kingdom of Cloud> of Yun Jihoe, solar system and the universe, natural phenomena are shown as mysterious world that cannot be explained scientifically.

The last section presents the giant world as really small world or expands the small world to big one. Although it is difficult to believe that is real, all works in this section might evoke and stimulate the curiosity. And the artists themselves do not say they are not real. This allows the children to keep imagining and dreaming. This is because, somewhere, there might be a magical world where strange things are really happened.

Through this exhibition, to encounter with various artist and artworks offers another interests and experiences. Eleven artists from various ranges of ages and genres are participated in this exhibition. Numerous materials such as watercolors, pencils, gouache, oil paints, collage, three-dimension objects, photographs, drawings, etc., reflect numerous styles of artists. Each style shows unique personality and mutual deliberation of each artist. The exhibition, also, provide an opportunity to think and feel the enthusiasm of domestic artists of picture book.

Through experiences of magical world in the books, let’s imagine the unknown world no one can go so far. And let’s expect when my magic hour '12 : ☆' will be. At the magic hour "12 : ☆", not only children but also adults can dream together, image together and travel together in the world of fantasy.

Visit Information

  • Exhibition Hall 1 and 2
  • 10:00 ~ 18:00
  • Universal
  • KRW 6,000

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