Picture Books and Artists Supported by UI Exhibitions

The main work

  • Photo work

Picture Books and Artists Supported by Un-printed Ideas Exhibitions: Lee Kyeongmi,
Lee Serim, Ryu Jiwoo, Chu Eunbin

Un-printed Ideas is a project that brings out the ideas kept in the drawers of picture book artists, presenting them in an exhibition to be appreciated by the viewers. Through the project, MOKA calls for artists under different themes. During the exhibition, the museum runs a visitors’ vote to select two artists to support the publication of their works after the exhibition.

In 2019, Lee Kyeongmi and Lee Serim were selected for the second Un-printed Ideas. In 2022, Ryu Jiwoo and Chu Eunbin were selected for the publication of their picture books. Picture Books and Artists Supported by Un-printed Ideas Exhibitions presents the works of the four picture book artists who published their works with the support of Un-printed Ideas and picture books by other Un-printed Ideas artists. With the exhibition, MOKA offers a chance to take a look at the stories that have been completed through Un-printed Ideas and support the artists and their creative effort.

Visit Information

  • 10:00 ~ 19:00
  • Universal
  • KRW 6,000

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