MOKA Theme 2

A signature educational program that contains MOKA's educational philosophy based on the literary and artistic elements of “books”. MOKA Theme 2 is an 8-session course with a systematic curriculum covering various areas.

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Little Writers!

A literary exploration program dealing with linguistic literacy that allows little writers to understand the relationship between the storyline and expressions in a picture book and to create their own books. Through this program, you can meet with a professional writer to hear about what it is like to work as a writer, learn how to create stories, and complete your own picture books. And in doing so, you can learn fundamental elements that make up a picture book, not just simply engaging in writing and drawing activities.

Little Artists!

An art-making program dealing with visual literacy that allows little artists to meet with a professional artist and to understand the relationship among formative elements, principles and expressions in a picture book and to create their own art books. In this program, you can experience the thought process of an artist when creating a work through the stages of “play-based art-integrated learning → experiment and collection → discovery through exploration → expression and creation”.

World Travel with MOKA

A cultural exploration program dealing with cultural literacy nurtured in art museum education where little global trotters can learn and experience arts and cultures of different countries across the world under the theme of “Traveling the world with picture books”. To date, MOKA has developed and run the program related to 18 countries on six continents around the world.

MOKA Readers!

A reading engagement program that allows young readers to explore various ways of approaching picture books and elevate the enjoyment in that experience by connecting with various fields. This program offers fun and unique experience of reading picture books with artists such as film directors and jazz pianists, creating videos by tapping children's imagination stemming from turning a page after another, and of coming up with their own rhythms and sounds with improvisation.

MOKA journalists

A social art program working on social themes where young journalists seek out information and tools in their everyday life and go through the process of finding information, creation/editing/reconstruction of records to create their own journals. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, children are encouraged to think about challenging topics as “citizens of the world” and produce photos and videos to share their thoughts and ideas.

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