The Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books & Art (MOKA) offers an array of unique experience to children with dedicated educational programs using the literary and artistic elements of “books”. MOKA aims at helping children to “grow into global citizens” who are capable of creating their own stories in life and equipped with the ability to understand and appreciate different cultures by offering them activities to read, write, and express arts & literature in various new ways that allow children to unleash their literary imagination and artistic sensibility.

Linguistic Literacy / Visual Literacy / Cultural Literacy / Understanding / Creative activities / Appreciation / Growth into Global Citizenship

In addition, each program is composed of activities that engage in understanding, appreciating, ideating and creating processes to explore literacy in many different ways, and presents age-specific and tailored education with diverse themes and forms for children.
While laying a solid foundation for continued growth with its ongoing research, analysis and archiving efforts, MOKA has been committed to enhancing the efficacy and professionalism of its educational programs through rigorous assessment and feedback sessions derived from collaborative networking with school teachers, writers/artists and other experts in relevant fields.

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