The Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books and Art is presenting special experience to children with professional education program based on the literary elements and artistic elements in the 'books'.

Group Program

We provide information and interpretation to group visitors so that they can have more interesting and easy understanding of the exhibition. (Group Program will run with reservation in advance)

MOKA Theme 1

The wall and the floor will become CANVAS! Children can experience ‘Educational Activity Pleasing Your Five Senses' when they draw, glue, and make things on the wall and floor without any restriction.

MOKA Theme 2

It is the representative educational program of the Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books and Art, which will continue through 4 to 8 weeks, focusing on the two main elements of book: writing and picture.

Little Writers! It is a literature investigating program to understand the story and expression in the picture books and make one’s own story.

Little Artists! It is an art education program to understand the diverse artistic elements and expression in the picture books and make one's own Art book with different expressive techniques.

Experience the culture through the gallery

MOKA Theme 3

There are programs you can understand and experience the artists such as 'artist connected workshop' to go through creation ideas and techniques with the artist, or 'family program' where every family member can be an artist.